Thursday, June 7, 2012


I know. I suck at updating my blog. And people have come up to me and told me that they check it everyday and then I feel worse. Since school is almost over though, I'm going to try really hard to revive my blog! for some reason  i just didn't find the motivation to update my blog because the baking process is so much faster when i don't need to take pictures every 5 seconds. but i will post a new recipe and instructions soon, i promise!

Here are some of the things i've made in the past couple weeks:

mini chocolate cupcakes and mini vanilla tea cupcakes topped with pretty pink buttercream frosting! i made these for my cousin's baby shower . they loved it! i also made the toppers as well! they took forever.
white chocolate green tea truffles covered in dark chocolate. 'nuff said.

my vanilla coffee spiked chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam, whipped cream and chocolate buttercream :)

after making endless macaron batches a couple years ago (and failing miserably),   i needed a break...until now. i made these yummy green tea macarons filled with white chocolate green tea ganache! i wasn't used to the oven so the bottoms kind of burnt..
then i made these cute mini ones with my friend! i loove the color scheme :)

then i made these babies. chocolate macarons filled with peanut butter buttercream frosting. this was the most perfect batch of macarons i ever made. 
look! no hollow shell!! i was completely shocked and i felt soo accomplished!! it was such an emotional moment for me -.- 
ok. i was really proud of these chinese hot dog buns because they smelled and tasted like legit ones from asian bakeries. after one bite, i felt like i was 6 years old again, sitting in the front seat of the shopping cart while my mom pushed me around.  
i made creme brulee! i used half heavy cream, half soy milk (since i don't drink milk milk...) because i wanted to cut the richness. i should have used more heavy cream than soy milk as it was kind of more runny than what i was used to.

my mom loves eclairs so much. i never really understood why...until i made these for her  on Mother's day. they were so yummy and fresh and the dark chocolate on top with the pastry cream filling just made the cream puff...just..amazing. i can't even explain. 

green tea and chocolate bread! this is in my freezer now, in case i have a matcha/chocolate emergency. 

i made these whole wheat chocolate chip muffins for my group presentation! they tasted so good and healthy! in a good way. 
yummy banana almond muffins for my second group presentation! i just love bribing the audience and  the teacher with baked goods. 

so that's what i've been doing lately...the next time i make something, i'll take plentyyy of pictures and update this shiz. :)

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